Trekking In Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is a well-known country for its beauty and geographical diversity. Among them, it has hills and mountains that covers 83% of the total land. The highest mountain range is found in Nepal, which is the highest point above the sea-level that is Mount Everest of 8848m. Nepal is recognized as the Great Himalayas Trails as it covers 16 districts immense trail from west to east. Remarkable trekking routes with the magnificent scenes can be seen in the territory of Himalayas. Different routes have their own kind of beauty, and almost all the scenes are appreciated by the people who had been trekking. Many people including Nepalese citizen and worldwide peoples travel different route every year. Since there are so many trekking places available in Nepal, the trekkers travel to the destination according to their holiday’s plan. Though there are five seasons in a year but while trekking, autumn season (Sept-Oct-Nov) and spring season (March-April-May) are most preferred.Trekking in Nepal According to the last year data, the most visited places are Kanchenjunga Trekking, Mustang Trekking, National park and wildlife reserve, than comparing to other trekking areas. Around 9 lakh tourists had visited in Nepal for different purposes. Tourists who travel through flight needs to arrive at the international airport of Nepal in Kathmandu. The trekkers can choose the package of a trail, and need to be assigned with the agents to move towards their destination. As the trekking can be done from easy to challenging, so, the trekkers can experience the trial period as per their own desire. There are some places where the tourist needs to get a permit before visiting, and different documents are needed as per the requirements for the trekking route. The permit and the ideal documentation is given to the tourist by their agent or from the travel and tours.Trekking can be done in different ways such as tea house trek, camping trek, and trekking along with guides. In the tea house trek, the trekkers are provided with not only the locale foods and accommodations but also with the hot showers and clean rooms. This trekking is mostly available in the main trails – Annapurna base camp, Kanchenjunga trekking, Manaslu trekking. It will be even more effective, if the trekking is done with the help of guide as all the responsibilities of trekking, with the best comfort, including the food and placing thing is provided by them.

The agents will provide the wise and licensed guide so that the trekkers won’t feel unfamiliar. In camping trek, different equipment’s is required such as tents, sleeping mats, foods, and other needed pieces of stuff. The camping is done on the relevant area with fully organized. Since, the camping is not appropriate in every route so there need to be unbeaten trekking trails. While returning from the final destination, some trekking trail direction may be either similar or different. After having a tremendous adventure everyone will get back to the Kathmandu and will stay overnight there. For the tourist trekker, there will be delightful farewell before departing from Nepal.

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